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Naruto Uzamaki (Shippuden) with Effects by SlyJakRatchetGamer
Naruto Uzamaki (Shippuden) with Effects
Similar to my first submission... slyjakratchetgamer.deviantart.…

All I did was add effects from an app on my iPhone. Not much, but I figured it looked kind of cool. Maybe, maybe not. :shrug: So I realize that it really HAS been a while since I've submitted anything that has to do with "pencils"... but time is running away from me. I will catch up with it soon enough, and that'll be when I'm able to use my time productively! :D Hope you like it and ENJOY! Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 

Chapter 28- The Truth Behind Our Bond

-Kaya’s POV-

“Leave!” The door slams shut and I jump.

I've been sitting beside my mom for some time now, getting interrupted a lot by random people who come to our door. They all ask the same thing, but in a different context. “You’re guilty, but how can we prove it?” Is basically their question. My lip is trembling, I hate this. What did we do? How are we suspicious?

“The Hokage will hear about this!” Dad shouts and slams the door again, probably in someone’s face.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. We’ll be all right.”

“They’re from the Anbu.” I reply suddenly. “Sai must know what’s going on.”

“Kaya! Mommy!” Chiemaru runs to us. “There’s someone in Kaya’s room!”

“What?!” I scream. I’m the first in my room when Sai crashes right into me. We hit heads and fall backwards onto the hard floor. “Sai?! What are you doing here..?” I hug him and instantly start crying.

“W-what’s the matter?” He’s confused and nervous now.

“Y-you first.” He holds me tight and sighs.

“Fine. I snuck in.” I shake my head and then press my forehead up against his chest once again.

“I knew that. But... why…. are you here?”

“I came to tell you the truth behind our bond.” I gasp and look up at him.

“What t-truth?” I suddenly look behind me and see Mom, Dad and Chiemaru walking in. He lets go of me and takes a step back.

“Sai?” Dad questions. “How did you get in here?”

“Well, the door was already occupied, so I jumped through the window.”

“And why did you jump through the window?”

“To find Kaya.” He once again bluntly says.

“Why do you need Kaya?” Dad continues.

“I have to tell her something.”

“But you-”

“That’s enough Mizu. Sai… was it?” He nods. “What do you need to tell her? And why is it so important?”

“I can’t answer that right now.”

“Why not?” I ask.

“Because you said that I should go first, you need to answer my question now.”

“So practical.” I cross my arms and scoff. “What’s the matter is that we’re in a crisis. The whole village, by now, is probably wondering why we’re a suspect. Everyone wants to catch us in the act of deception. It’s all because of my ties to Aiko and his family. They were all traitors in the end. Apparently Danzo thinks that we’re a part of the whole massacre that would've occurred that night. But in a way of disloyalty to the whole clan.” I bite my lip and grit my teeth in anger. “But… damn! Why?! I’m the heir to the clan’s future while my mom is a Jounin! Chiemaru wants to be part of the Anbu when he grows up, not to mention my dad is the clan’s leader for-” I stop mid-sentence. “I don’t understand!” I yell. I throw my hands over my face and just stand there crying. “It’s not fair, it’s inhuman to treat us like criminals! Aiko was faithful in the end even if he did come from a treacherous family.” I think.

“But that’s what I came here to tell you.” He hesitates, I can tell. But then he pulls me in for another hug. He whispers in my ear. “I’m sorry. Do you hate me?”

“No.” I whisper. “Never.”

“You soon will.” Still in his arms, he tells everyone about his mission. About Danzo’s plan. And about his loyalty to the Anbu. “But I can’t do it.” He whispers when he’s done. “I know for a fact that you four are not guilty for the recent rogue activity.”

“And you had to tell us that now?!” Dad yells. Sai still stays calm as he nods. “Sai! How could you?!” He keeps yelling. When he walks towards him I break out of his hold, turn around and put my hand out to stop him.

“Stop Father. You know just as well as I do that the Anbu follow the orders of a superior no matter what, according to their oath. And Sai just broke that oath to warn us. If anything, he should be receiving our thanks.” I narrow my eyes to show him how serious I am about this matter.

“Kaya.” Mom whispers.

We don’t move. My expression does not change. My position is against my father. He knows that I’m right. “Tsk.” He turns his head away, shaking. “But I can’t just stand here while my family, and possibly my whole clan, gets blamed for the actions of a few.”

“I know.” Leaving it at that I begin picking up my knapsack with my supplies in it and tie my headband around my forehead.

“What are you doing?” Mom is nervous, but everyone knows what I’m about to do.

“I’m going to talk to Danzo.”

“But… no-”

“Don’t try to stop me. It’s about time I started acting like the leader I’ll soon be. I won’t be 16 forever.”

“I’ll come with you.” Sai starts to follow me out.

“No way. If Danzo finds out it was you who told us, then you’ll get demoted, thrown out or worse. Don’t follow me this time.” I swing my legs out the window and jump out. His “spies” can’t see me going outside. If they do I’ll be tailed like a mamma duck. And I didn't even get halfway through my story that mom so badly wanted to hear. I laugh a little, while in thought. How sad.

Chapter 27- The Ties of Two Bonds…

-Kokoro’s POV-

“See how happy she is?” Mizu puts his hands behind his back and grins at me. He knows I’m not angry, but quite the opposite. In fact, I have to stop myself from giving even the slightest smile.

“Yes. It seems like she’s found a rather quiet friend.”

“I agree, he is powerful though. I’ve seen his attacks. He used them well when we fought the rogues.” He begins to playfully walk away.

“What?!” I gasp. “Rogues? As in more than one?”

“Of course, Kokoro.”

I can’t help but longingly gaze in the direction that they went. “She better be back soon.” I whisper to the warm, spring breezes.

-Sai’s POV-

I run at a slower pace for Kaya’s sake. I hope she’s really as healed as she claims to be. When she looks back at me with a bright smile, my heart tugs at me. I think I may be catching a cold… my heartbeat keeps rising. Or maybe… “Kaya..?”

Out of breathe she crashes against the tree and keeps her eyes closed. Finally she replies. “W-what?”

“What’s love?” She springs her head up.

-Kaya’s POV-

“What’s love?” He asks me with a blank expression.

“Why do you want to know?”

“I think it’s quite obvious.” He stares at me, expecting an answer. My face burns, what did he mean by that?!

“Well, um… love is a strong type of… affection.” I don’t know how else to explain it. “Love can mean a lot of things though. For example, you can say you love dangos when actually they’re your favorite food. You can also say that you love fighting because it’s entertaining. But that’s the simple context of ‘love’.

“What the tough context?”

“Why is he so interested in the first place?” This is getting embarrassing. “Well that’s difficult to explain.” He doesn’t say anything, but I can tell he needs to know. “But I’ll try to explain it the best I can. Love, in the tough context, is when you want to be around someone all the time! You can’t help but want to protect them. It hurts to see them cry. It hurts to see them leave. Your heart breaks when you don’t see them for a long time. Your thoughts are always about them. There’s just so many definitions for love.”

“Does your heartbeat pace accelerate when your around them?” I sigh. “Do you always want to make them happy?”

“Sure…” I’m not in the mood to draw anymore. “You know something, defining love is making me think about Aiko again.” But he isn’t paying attention. He’s already painting something. I close my eyes and smile… free spirit.

“Here, Kaya. This is for you.” I look over and gasp. When I take it in my hands, I cover my mouth as tears run down my face. “Do you… love… it?” I nod my head, and then shake it trying to think about how I feel. “Kaya?”

I jump on Sai and hug him. “Thank you! You’re the best!” When we get up, he’s smiling. And I know that it’s real this time.  Our faces are super close, and all of a sudden… my mind goes blank. I blink a few times as the sounds around me disappear. All I can see are his night black eyes looking at me. He’s surprised, and now… all I want to do is stay like this. He still hangs onto my shoulders as I have one hand propping me up and the other around his back for support. “I… um…” I don’t know what to say.

I feel like a little voice is saying, “This bond you’re now tied to is a special one. Prepare for its growth.”

I’m paralyzed, so I do what my mind tells me. Be prepared. I bring myself close and hug him gently. “Thank you, once again.”

I feel him nod. “Yes. But Kaya?”

We pull apart and I see his eyes again. “W-what?”

“It’s been an hour.” I jump and begin gathering my supplies.

“What?! No! I- I need to think…” When I stop in my tracks and cringe, I feel a hand on my shoulder.

“I can walk you back.” I take his offer and we head back to my house. He puts his arm around my waist and takes my arm over his shoulders. But when we reach my clan’s gates, I pull away.

“You shouldn’t help me anymore, I need to heal on my own. But I promise that every morning I will still be at the tree… right beside you.”

-Sai’s POV-

“Lord Danzo, I ask your permission to stop this mission. I don’t believe this is crucial anymore.” I shake my head as I watch her walk away. “No. He would never let me do that. She’s in danger if I decide to drop this mission. Lord Danzo will think that I betrayed him and Konoha, and it will be her fault in his eyes.” I’ve met her family, I’ve seen her light. Whenever I look at her, I see the kindness and happiness that she bears within her. I can’t stand to hide behind a shadow anymore. She needs to know the truth behind our bond. “Kaya!” I begin running up to her, but stop.

“Your duties to the Anbu Block Ops are clear to me. Don’t disappoint me… Sai.” I freeze and don’t look at her as she cocks her head to the side. I need to think of something quick. “You’re welcome!” She smiles, I guess that was the right response. Kaya nods, turns away and disappears inside of her clan’s compound. “What have I done?”

Chapter 26- My New Friend

I hear a woman’s cry of relief, then a man’s soft voice. Someone laughs gently and begins to walk away. Soothing arms wrap around me and I sigh. “Don’t worry sweetie, your home.” I don’t open my eyes. It’s my mom, it must be true. I’m finally home.

“Kaya!” A child, hopefully Chiemaru yells. “K-Kaya!”

“Shh… she’s sleeping Chiemaru. Sister needs her rest.” Little footsteps follow after my mom and me.

“Will she live?” A chuckle escapes my mom’s lips.

“Yes. She’s just exhausted. We’ll ask her tomorrow for the story.”

“What about Daddy?”

“I’ll ask Daddy later. You just go to sleep.” I’m gently laid down on my bed while my backpack, headband, weapons and pouches are removed. She gently lays the covers down over me and opens my window. She knows that I love the sound of night and its creatures. I’m still tired even after all of my rest, but I never thought that sleeping in a bed again would feel so good. Or… sleeping…

-Sai’s POV-

We’re back in Konoha. Time to go report back to Lord Danzo of my return.

I enter after he beckons me in, and I explain that the mission was successful and kept secret from the Hokage. “So the Tsuki doesn’t know?”


“Good. Keep it that way. Keep tracking her. Kaya’s connections with that rebellious family must have something to do with the recent rogue activity.”

“Sir, if I may speak…”

“You may.” Lord Danzo nods.

“… I… nevermind sir. It isn’t important.” I scratch the back of my head and smile.

“Then go. And wipe that stupid smile off of your face. I believe I’ve told you before.” I stop, and become more serious. Then I dash out of there and head home.

-Kokoro’s POV-

“Tell me, Mizu. What happened? As her mother, I have a right to know!” I cross my arms… he irritates me when he’s stubborn.

“Let her tell you herself. Please, calm down before you wake them both up.


-Kaya’s POV-

The nightmares woke or tormented me no more. I had a perfect restless night. The sun shined through my window and greeted me as I opened my eyes. I didn’t want to get up, I knew I’d be able to feel my wounds if I did. So I kept my eyes open and stared out into the village. Smiling, I breathe deep and go deeper under my covers. “Look at that… I actually did make it home in one piece.” I whisper.

I would’ve given almost anything to stay there, listening to the birds, feeling the cool breeze and warm sunlight, watching the villagers go about their daily lives. But, of course, that little voice made me get up. “Kaya! Kaya!” It said. “Get up! You’re alive aren’t you?”


“Kaya! Kaya!” Chiemaru yelled. That little voice… “You’re strong, so get up!” I shuffle under my covers and turn to face him, still tired my eyes droop a bit, but he doesn’t care. The biggest smile I have ever seen crosses his face. And he throws himself onto me. After I get over the pain I hug him and smile back. “You are alive!”

“Yes, I am. I promise I’ll be more careful next time.” I whisper, trying to save my breathe for later.

After I get up and walk around a bit, I find mom and dad at the door, talking to someone. “Mom?” I speak up.

“Kaya, sweetie! You’re awake.” She looks relieved.

“Of course. I didn’t die, you know.” I give her and dad a smirk, letting them know that I’m completely fine.

“I can see that.” I look in between mom and dad and see Sai. “Glad you’re finally conscious.” He throws a smile at me, and I throw it back.

“Hey, Sai.”


“Um… who is this young man, Kaya?” My mother asks.

“Oh, he’s the one who stuck with me throughout the whole battle! Don’t worry, he may be an Anbu, but he’s my friend. I trust him with everything I am.” I stop and hand motion to them. “Sai, Mom… Mom, Sai.” She doesn’t look concerned nor convinced, but she lets it go. Sai on the other hand looks surprised. “I finally got an emotion out of him!” I think to myself. I almost laugh when he turns his face away. He always looks so clueless and innocent. After a while I find myself growing red… and a strange look appears on my face. “Anyway!” I say to obviously. “I have-”

“-Something to tell me.”

“Um… yes, Mom. But I wanted to…” my voice trails off as I stare at Sai.

“No excuses. That mission, what happened?” She holds up a headband… and it’s not mine. My eyes grow wide, and I think I might cry.

“Come on, Kokoro.” Dad persuades. “It’s her first day back with us after a hard mission… let her do what she wants. I’ll fill you in until she comes back. Fair enough?”

Dramatic sigh… “Fine, Mizu. Kaya…” She turns to me. “… One hour.” I hold up a finger to Sai. Half-limping back to my room, I put all of my art supplies in my knapsack, pull a jacket over me and run out the door with Sai by my side. “Come on Sai!” I laugh and don’t even notice my injuries which are searing into my side.

Chapter 25- We’re Coming Home…

I jolt awake at the crack of a piece of burned firewood. Sleepily I push myself up from the ground, rub my eyes, and for a second wonder where I am. My right cheek hurts when I realize that I had a strange leaf headband huddled up against me. Touching my cheek I can feel the lines it made. I shudder at how cold it is. Foggy, dim, but still quite visible. It’s then that I notice exactly where I am and what happened. “Ow?” I question when a slight sting hits my side, then vibrates up my body… to my arms and eye. I barely flinch. “It could be worse, I suppose.”

I smile, what a peaceful morning. The birds sing for me and seem to slowly wake the sun from its slumber. “Aiko loves these mornings.” I say as if he’s still here. Unlike almost every Tsuki, a small handful love the morning. We’re supposed to love the night. It’s when we’re most powerful, after all.

Looking down I see Sai. He’s sleeping just a few feet away. Now… more than anything around me, he’s the most peaceful. Then I remember everything that happened as my mind speeds up, flashing pictures. “That’s right.” Aiko died. Sai comforted me. He walked with me back to the camp and listened to me until I fell asleep. I hug myself, feeling slightly shaky. “Screw it all.” I whisper. “At least we’re coming home.” My lips form into a smirk. “Aiko’s already home.”

I pull the blanket over me and take a bite out of an apple I packed. “Well you’re up early.”

I peek behind me and smile. “Aiko. You still haunting me?”

“Think of it as a visit.”

“Why are you here?”

“I’m answering your call… or more precisely… your question.”

“Ghosts don’t answer questions.”

“Well then I’m not a ghost.”

Ignoring him, I get straight to the point. “What’s your answer?”


“That’s it?”

“That’s it, my bubbly friend.”

“Great.” I sigh. “You know what the worst part is?”

“You don’t believe that I’m real right now? You think that you’re trapped in a dream? And now you’re wondering how I know everything?” He sighs. “And now you’re staring at me, waiting for me to hug you.”


“It’s all right. I actually came for three reasons.”

“So this isn’t a dream?” I look around at those still passed out.

“No. It’s a dream all right, but that doesn’t matter.” He looks over at me and pats my head. “The second reason is to tell you that you need to get over me. I’m not the one, but someone else is. I loved you and still do. But I’m not going to be there for you anymore. Believe me when I say this… that young Anbu cares for you. More than I ever could.”

“And your third reason?”

“I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to the Anbu.” Standing up he looks off into the distance. “But that was impossible. Can you give him my message please?”

“Huh… you must be desperate. Saying ‘please’ is a big boy word for you.” I smirk.

He laughs. “You never change.”

“Is there a reason to?”

“No. But I’m sure you’ll make a great change for your clan. Good luck ‘Little Chunin’. Your promotion awaits you in the future.” He hugs me and then starts to fade away.

“I’ll give him your message!” I yell. “Thank you for your wisdom, Aiko!” The last thing I catch is a thumbs up and glimmer of smile following. “Say ‘hi’ to Saru and Kyan for me!” I’m waving and waving… until an earthquake hits.


“Ow…” I stare up into the trees as they pass by in a blur. “Huh?”

“Oh, sorry sweetie. Daddy tripped a bit.”

“What’s going on?”

“We thought you should sleep as much as possible, so I’m carrying you home.”

I nod and lay back down against his back. I breathe deep. “Thanks, Dad.”

“Of course.”

“Love you.”

“Heh, heh… I love you too… Princess.” That time, I don’t mind. What Aiko said makes me forget how annoyed I am when he says that. It is true, technically. I am heir to my clan’s leader position. “Just lay still, we’ll be home in about an hour.”

“No surprises?”

“No surprises. I promise.” I snuggle up against him and let my arms hang. I catch Sai looking at me and remember what Aiko said. When I get his attention he jumps closer until he’s right behind me. “Um… let me know if I sound stupid, but…” I get down closer to him and talk in a whisper, “… Aiko told me to tell you ‘thank you’ for him.”


“Yes…” Holding my breath, he just blinks.

“All right. Thank you.” After he jumps ahead I smile and shake my head. So blunt, Sai seems. But he intrigues me.

I can’t help but feel content for the first time in a long time. And as I lay back up against my father I close my eyes and think about my future as my clan’s leader.


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I practically grew up with the "classic" video games. When I say classic I mean famous! Such as Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet and Clank. They seem to be the worlds favorite because the characters show up in the newer games. I'm a super fan. And an artist. Put the two together and you get me! But lately I've been getting into anime, which is totally addictive and SO MUCH FUN to draw!

Jesus vs false religion by Nilopher

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Sai Stamp by rainbowramen321

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Inner-Kunoichi Request 2 by AraulsStamps

Requests Stamp by Metadream Requests Stamp by AraulsStamps Requests Open Stamp by izka197 (If you want a request, then "note me" with WHAT it is and HOW you want it.)

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fairy tail stamp by HavickTheLion

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FT- Jellal stamp oo2 by Kaze-yo

FT: Erza's swaying hair by Kaze-yo

FT- Key Summoning by Kaze-yo

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One Piece FAN by DMR-ELK

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Roronoa Zoro Stamp by CamelieMimika
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