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Chapter 24- Night Watch

It’s finally time for everyone to catch up with their dreams. But not for me. I’d rather stay awake as much as possible. I have a lot of thinking to do. And they know it, too. Because when I volunteer, no one hesitates.

I’ve been sitting by the fire for a while now, with my eyes closed. Waiting, listening, thinking. I catch nothing except that faint hoot of a night owl. Memories of Aiko flood inside my brain, and I’m no longer alert.

“Hey, Aiko.” I don’t know why, but I talk to those who have passed on as if they really want to hear from me. “It’s me, Kaya.” I wait. “I- I know you’re busy, either laughing with your siblings or sleeping under the cherry blossoms… but I just wanted to let you know that… t-that…” My bottom lip is trembling and I hug myself super tight, not caring about my silly injuries. “You fool.” I fake laugh. “Why you did what you did in the end scares me. Even now, hours after it happened. Why did you tempt me? Why did you make me want to kiss you? Why did you choose me as a ‘departure gift’? I know you’d hate to hear this, but I’ll honor you, even if I can’t save your body from the forest and its creatures. You see, every lasting memory I have of you ends ‘happily’. Your life, your personality, your determination… it’s all so special… everything you are should be honored as such.”

All of a sudden, I grin and laugh. I feel like Aiko is looking down at me with a smile as if saying, “What’s so funny?”

“Remember that time when we were walking out of the Academy and Koi tried to ambush us with two other students?” I feel like he’s nodding and following along. “Yea, we beat them badly!” I laugh at my own cherished memories that will always continue to scar me. Sighing after my good laugh, I frown and focus on my emotions. “I wish you didn’t pass. I wish you would’ve understood when I looked at you. I wish… that you knew more about how I died inside every time you looked at me with that raging fire of hate glimmering in your brown eyes. But more than anything, I wish you were here. Beside me. Counting the stars and multiplying by the hours we’d have to leave like the brilliant boy you were.”

Another sigh makes me want to sleep, but I promised I’d stay alert for my comrades’ safety. “I’m still here, waiting for sun to come and chase away my darkness.” I grumble. It’s almost as if I can feel a dark aura around me, cold and deep. “Should I have taken you with me? Buried you with the Tsuki’s like we promised each other years ago? That was a promise we made… remember?” I point to the stars as if he’s up there. “You do recall that day right? You said, ‘You’ll bury me, won’t you? Next to my mom and dad in the Tsuki Clan’s graveyard. You’ll do that for me, right?’ And we promised ourselves that we’d do the same for each other. So I ask you to give me one answer. Even if it’s when I die, did I do the right thing? Abandoning a child’s promise and replacing it with your unjust favor.”

I grit my teeth and close my eyes. Then my eyes snap open and I begin running back towards the place where he died. “Screw your decision, Aiko!” My heart starts pounding as I realize my duty as the next Tsuki-shi leader! “Every memory that I have left of you screams honor, Aiko! Don’t you hear it? You must’ve, so stop being humble and guide me!” A few moments afterwards I feel a push and stumble as I take a right. “You finally listened to me, huh?”

I stop right in front of him, we covered him with his cloak without even thinking. How vein of me to think he wasn’t worth the time to bury. “Maybe I can’t bury him in Konoha, but I can in the forest… when everyone who passes by feels peace.

When I’m finished, my hands aches and the old bandages around my chest have ripped along with all of my other around my legs and arms… except for my eye. Still stained with blood I throw my bandages down on his grave and toss dirt on them. I pay my respects, wrap his leaf headband, which I found buried in his pocket, around my waist and finally fall to my knees and cry. “What are you doing here, Kaya?”

I see Sai out of the corner of my eye. “Tsk, paying my respects. Not that it’s any of your business.”

“You’re sad.”

“What was your first clue?” I don’t know why I’m so angry at him. Though that’s the thing. I’m not, but I’m being so immature towards him without me knowing why. “I guess that dark cloud is still looming over me…”

“Well, you were crying, and you’re at the Tsuki’s grave… and-”

“OK, OK. I get it. You have no idea how to be sarcastic either, do you?”

“That’s chapter 12 of my book, I’m as far as chapter 7.” He bluntly states.

“Right, how foolish of me to think you were that far.” A few short moments of silence pass before Sai bends down and wraps his arms around my neck, resting his head against the back of mine. My eyes grow wide as my tears slide down his arm.

“What are… are you… doing?” I say with tears pouring from my eyes.

“Comforting you. Chapter 2 explained it very thoroughly. ‘Comfort is a human need.’ It said. ‘But sometimes sadness breaks a person into despair.’ It went on into describing the types of signs for depression. And I saw you crying…” We don’t move, for I don’t ask him to. I like his hugs… they’re calming. I feel myself smile, and lift up my hands to hold on to his arms. “Then, I saw that the book said that whenever a friend or lover is sad, then…” His words drown out.

“Friend or lover..? Which am I to him?” 

Chapter 23- Short of Everything

-Kaya’s POV-

“Because of everyone’s injuries, we’ll have to make camp for the night.” My father announces.

“Fair enough.” I sit down on the ground and sigh. “Feels good to finally relax.”

“Me too.” Sai sits down beside me.

“I guess there’s no fighting Mizu’s decision.” Kakashi-Sensei comprehends. “Well then, in that case I’ll go collect some firewood. Mizu…”

“Right.” My father uses fire style really well, just like water style is my specialty. Opposites of each other, my father has always wanted me to use his fire style. But I can’t. Chiemaru will have to follow in his footsteps… since I refuse to keep trying to be good at something that I’m clearly awful at.

“Kaya?” Dad smiles and points to the firewood that Kakashi-Sensei gathered not too long ago. He’ll never learn will he?

“Dad…” I whine. “You do it, unless you want a challenge.” He gives me a questioning look. “I can make the logs wet if you want.” After some useless persuasion he gives up with a frustrated sigh. That’ll hold him off for a few days.

Once the fire is going, we all sit around it, helping each other with their wounds. “Too bad we don’t have a medic!” Dad points out.

“Yes, that is unfortunate. Sakura could do it.”

“Yes, Sai. She could.” I wince as he wraps the bandage around my arm. “But Sakura isn’t here, now is she?”

“No, she isn’t. That’s why I said it was unfortunate.” I hang my head and sigh. I guess he doesn’t understand rhetorical questions. I’ve noticed lately that he doesn’t understand a lot of things. Such as emotions and social interactions. One would wonder why…

“What is it Kaya? Is something the matter?” He asks.

“Hmm..? Oh! Umm… no. I’m just…” I stop talking and bite my lip. “…S-Sai?” He cuts the bandage around my left light blue eye, quickly ties it and then meets my eyes. “Why don’t you understand people?”

He blinks, stays calm and keeps his black eyes on mine. Then he smiles, definitely fake. “I’m learning.”

“How?” I ask, even though he completely avoided my question.


“Right, right.”

That was the end of our conversation as everyone got together for a meal.

I pull out the two pairs of chopsticks that I packed and separate the pairs so there are four separate chopsticks. I hand them to Kakashi, Sai, Dad and keep the last one for myself. “Thank you for the food!” We shout.

“I’ll eat with my back turned, thank you.” Kakashi-Sensei says. I glance over and notice him take off his mask without letting anyone see. He’s so secretive about it…

 “Could you have brought a little more food with you Dad?”

“Sorry I was worried about you, Princess. I had to dash out the door, get Kakashi and move out.”

“Don’t call me Princess.” I quietly mumble. Sai gives a low chuckle, along with a little glare from me.

“Well, this onigiri isn’t bad, is it? And I suppose Mimi still hasn’t lost her touch when it comes to her special rice balls and tofu.” I nod at Kakashi-Sensei’s statement.

“Yes, she is the best neighbor someone could ask for! Mimi is practically family…” Dad has always liked Mimi. He was best friends with her husband, Kiri. While I saw her son every once a while. He’d pass by our house and move onto another mission. Dedication was his specialty. But it was also his fate.


Now Mimi lives alone, but takes care of us like a grandmother would. She’s one of the few elders of our village who I enjoy talking to. She’s not grumpy or serious, but the opposite. I take a small bite of my onigiri and then look at Sai. “How could anyone not want to live like that?”

Chapter 22- Farewell Aiko
-Kaya’s POV-        

I don’t cry. I have no reason to, after all. I keep telling myself that this isn’t normal… cry. He’s gone. Dead. I see the smile forever frozen on his face. A minute passes and I finally take his head off of my lap and lay him on the ground. Sai looks away with an emotionless expression, as usual. I wander over to him and get his attention. “Sai?”

“Kay-” I embrace him as he just stands there, completely interrupting him. He’s frozen in his place, but I don’t care. If he has no idea what’s going on that’s fine by me, just so long as he knows what he did for me.

“Thank you.” I catch a soft gasp and sadly grin. “You have no idea how you saved me. My heart felt like it was breaking just by me thinking about killing my best friend. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I knew that I was the one who took his life.”

My father cuts in as if he wants to break us apart. “But why did Aiko change after Sai stabbed him?” I embrace him, too.

“Because he saw.”

“Saw what?” Sai asks.

“The past. Aiko remembered our duties to our clan.” I lie. “He saw my past. I could feel it.” One look at Sai, and I could tell that he knew. “When our minds bridged, I saw what he was thinking about, and he saw what I was remembering. It was that horrendous night. He saw my end of the story… and I saw his.”

“Well, whatever happened… it’s over now. Come on. Let’s all go home. Chiemaru’s been crying for you.” But as he leads me away I turn towards Sai.

“Aren’t you coming?”

He snaps out of it and nods, following behind Kakashi-Sensei. Before I turn back around, he rewards me with a smile, fake or real? I could care less at this point. I’m just glad that I’m finally going home. “Farewell Aiko, my friend.”

-Aiko’s POV-

My own voice fades away from my thoughts. And I can tell that I’m dying. Finally… I smile. How can one be sad about that? I’m about to see Kyan and Saru. And now that I know the truth, I’ll be able to talk to them without spewing out nonsense about getting my revenge on Kaya and the Tsuki clan. Her friend, the Anbu… Sai was it? He set me free.

Before I lose all of my senses and get cut from this world I want to thank him, but that isn’t possible. Because now…

-Sai’s POV-

“Are we heading back to Konoha?” I ask Kaya.


“But what about Aiko?”

“What about him?” She asks.

“His body, aren’t we supposed to call the Anbu to retrieve it? And since he was a former Tsuki member-”

“He still is!” She yells back at me without turning around to face me.


This time, she does turn around and stops completely. “Once you’re born into a clan, you’re officially a fragment of them no matter what!” Gritting her teeth and looking away for a split second she smirks. “Wouldn’t it be great if that was the truth for all clans?” With that she walks back towards her father and links arms with him.

“What type of affection is that?” I think to myself. “At least I think I understand what she meant.” I sigh and catch sight of Kakashi-Sensei’s reassuring smile.

“Girls can be complicated, just forget it and move on.” Why he told me that a while ago doesn’t make sense though.

Even if Kakashi-Sensei’s logic is still unclear, I’m sure of Kaya’s. “What she meant was that Aiko wouldn’t want to be buried within the Tsuki-clan’s gates. But rather somewhere where he wouldn’t be remembered, but not honored either. They both believe that he did nothing that was honorable until the end. Therefore not deserving to be honored. And it tore her up inside.” After I comprehend that, I make an opinion, “what a noble clan they belong to.”

Chapter 21- Far Too Nice for Your Own Good…

His eyes are wide. His mouth is formed into a small frown. He’s frozen in one stance. In one moment I feel as if our minds bridged, leading back to the times we had together back when we were best friends… and possibly almost something more. I tried to save him, but there are sometimes when my weaknesses get in the way, that’s when someone else decides to take their shot.

Finally he coughs and surprises me with a smile. The grin he carries looks like the old Aiko, the one who cared, who laughed, who cried, who felt, who knew exactly who he was. When the crimson makes an appearance, Sai pulls his sword from Aiko’s stomach, and I release my own from in between his arm and waist. I tried to fake it, but Sai…

Instantly, he falls straight over. But even in my shock I catch my old friend, and then lay him down as gently as I’m able to. Breathing in and out, rapidly and short, I stare at his face. Silently begging him to open up his eyes. When he doesn’t, I feel as if I should be angry at Sai… but I’m not. I’m relieved. Out of the corner of my eye, I can tell Sai has no expression as he watches us. But when I unthinkably lay Aiko’s head down on my lap. Sai gains an expression… is that… jealousy? I put it out of my mind and feel my tears fall… falling like rain would if the earth were to be crying.

-Sai’s POV-

“I had to do it. I had no choice in the matter. I don’t regret it either.” I yank my sword out and see Kaya’s expression. Her blue eyes… she’s stunned. When he falls over his smile reflects calm happiness. Aiko was Kaya’s best friend not too long ago, but to me… he’s always been elusive. But not in a good way.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. So I look at Mizu, his face is scrunched up with pain. Kakashi-Sensei looks down… I’m unsure. Then when I see Kaya, her tears sprinkle Aiko’s face, and her cries…

I gasp and cringe. “W-what is this?”  Gripping my heart I stumble with my thoughts. “Aiko… he must’ve gotten me, b-but…” I look at the palm of my hand. There’s no blood. “How… how did he get me”? The pain fades and I once again glance at Kaya. “There it is again! Maybe he linked my chakra to Kaya’s face, somehow, so I could never look at her again without hurting inside? No… impossible!”

“Sai..?” Mizu looks at me. “What do you feel?” He’s talking slowly and wearily. I don’t speak. I’m just unsure. But still I notice his kind eyes. “Yea… that’s what I was thinking.” He tries to smile, but fails a few seconds afterwards. “Pain of the heart.”

-Kaya’s POV-

“Are you afraid?” My eyes shoot open as I realize his voice. I notice that our faces are really close together, and I blush. He looks so different. Kind, unafraid and… “I was never able to tell you this, but now…” he cringes but keeps his smile, “… this is the only chance I’ll ever get to do just that.”

“Yea?” I whisper. He just barely nods.

“Yea.” Slow motion, I thought, but when I placed my hand over his heart and felt his heartbeat I cried inside. His heart strained to stay alive. Just as the words were making sense I leaned down and our lips gently connected. “I’ve always loved you.”

-Sai POV-

“Pain of the heart.” It does hurt. But the pain is worse now. She showed her affection towards Aiko. I know what he means to her now. I could never amount to that…

Aiko whispered those four words that a book told me were “powerful”, and in another few seconds he spoke to her one last time. “You’re far too nice for your own good.”

I had to agree…

Chapter 20- Caught Up In the Past… (Part III)

“Wow, what a fight he put up Kaya…” Aiko mumbled as I wrapped my arm around his waist and put his arm over my shoulder. I have to hold him up he’s not doing too good.

“Of course, you fight your hardest at the lowest point, it might be your only chance at survival.”

“Yea but…”

“I know… I didn’t see that paper bomb either.” I say looking down at his leg.

He keeps breathing heavy. “Can we stop for a second?”

“No… we need to keep moving. We need to get home.” I decide to just carry him on my back. He’s heavy, but I can manage.

“This isn’t how it’s supposed to be, you know.” I can tell he’s smiling.

“How so?”

“The boy is supposed to be carrying the girl.”

“Oh, shut up. It’s not like you could even try to carry me. Not in the physical state you’re in.”

“Perhaps, but I sure could try. Kyan could carry you…”

“Well Kyan isn’t here, now is he? Neither is Saru.”

“They couldn’t come even if wanted to.”

“Your sibling worry about you too much… especially Saru!” I roll my eyes.

“Well yea, you know how it is with big sisters!”

“Uh, no. I don’t. I have a little brother, remember?”

“Oh yea.” He realizes. “Chiemaru right?”

“Yea…” I softly say and blush. “He’s so adorable!”

“How old is he now?”

I think. “2, I believe.”

“How do you not know?!” He yells.

“I just blanked out there for a second. Not to mention I have to carry a 95 pound Aiko on my back.”

“OK, OK I get it! You have a lot on your mind, but still. Kyan and Saru always remembered my name, even if they are Jounin’s!”

“You know what? We’re done talking about this…” We stop talking all together. When we see Konohagakure’s gates, I sigh.

“Kaya?” His voice wavers.

“What is it? Something wrong?”

“Thank you.”

I surprisingly blush and give him a warm smile. “No problem, we’re friends aren’t we? Friends look out for each other, through thick and thin.”

“Thick and thin…”

“That’s right. Now stop talking. You don’t want to kill yourself. Your chakra may be low, but your energy is even lower. So be quiet, please.” I would’ve expected more from him, but I guess he’s tired. Because I keep on walking towards Konoha at a slow pace. I keep wanting to walk slower, stupid but… I… I want this feeling to last. He’s so peaceful when he sleeps, and I think he was about to tell me how he felt, and that’s where I would’ve returned those feelings.

He never knew it… but I was ready for the future. At least that’s what I thought. The betrayal of Saru and Kyan ripped me up inside as I “murdered” Aiko’s idols. But is that really the only reason he hates me? I don’t understand everything, but I do believe in second chances. Even though his third chance is coming up, I’ll still choose to save him. Because even if the real Aiko is deaf, I believe that he’ll be able to hear me soon.


(Present Time…)

“That’s it…” I think. “…I may know how to save him now.”

“Are you all right, Kaya?” Kakashi-Sensei breaks me out of my thoughts with those few words, and when I realize where I am I look up at him and beam.

“Yes.” I nod. “I’m great!”

He stares at me, obviously thinking that I’m emotionally unstable. “Maybe you should stay here and… watch my back.” When he begins to walk out from behind the tree, I stand up and beat him to it.

“No, Kakashi-Sensei!” I look back at him. “You stay there and watch my back.” As soon as Sai sees me his eyes get wide and he motions for me to go back. I shake my head and narrow my eyes at him. “As if!” Dad doesn’t see me yet, but I can see him… and his stress. He pants, he dodges, he strikes, he misses, and he keeps on going in this pattern. It’s as if he has no plan what-so-ever. Just… swinging his naginata. But what’s weird is that Aiko’s face is now shadowed by his hood. It may not be the traditional Tsuki cloak hood, but it’s green, ripped hood conceals his expression all this time. He doesn’t even counter-attack any of my father’s moves. All he does is dodge, and in between, stand there until he takes a shot at Aiko once more. “Is something wrong?” I must be fantasizing because I get a thought. “Or is something right?!” I decide to not get my hopes up, but still take a chance.

He’s following the steady beat that Father plays with his naginata sword, and I’m planning on breaking that rhythm. I stand in one position and get my katana out. Neither of them see me, advantage point one. He’s swaying back and forth, dodging and backing up. I take my chance, and, when he gets close enough… strike.


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