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I practically grew up with the "classic" video games. When I say classic I mean famous! Such as Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet and Clank. They seem to be the worlds favorite because the characters show up in the newer games. I'm a super fan. And an artist. Put the two together and you get me! But lately I've been getting into anime, which is totally addictive and SO MUCH FUN to draw!

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Author’s Note-

Wow… done? Already? (O. o) Just kidding, for this has been a LONG story! Sorry if I sound too “formal” but I wish to thank my sister, TrinityTriad :icontrinitytriad:, for her incredible ideas and help on this fan fiction. This was my VERY first so I was a little skeptical about it. I posted this FIRST on DA/ and then I know that I didn’t post pictures, so on DA I have my own drawings of Kaya Tsuki! I’ll post my gallery link, too…

Deviantart Gallery Link:


Quotev Story Link:…

Hmm… let’s see… what else? OH! OK! So half way through I noticed that this wasn’t exactly a “romantic” fan fiction at first. It was more “adventurous/action” based, wasn’t it? And if you didn’t notice it then good! Sorry I couldn’t keep it that way.

Before I get tagged for plagiarism, stealing or whatever let me say that I DO NOT own anyone in this story except for the Tsuki clan members (Kaya, Chiemaru, Mizu, Kokoro, Mimi, Aiko, etc.) and my OC’s (Koi, Kinmaru, Yuki, Ryuu-Sensei, etc.) All others belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

I have to tell you all this. You see, I just can’t seem to stop writing this fan fiction. I had so much fun writing it! And I’m a little sad that it’s over now. I have a few ideas for a new fan fiction with either Kaya or Reader as the main character, but I’m not sure. Of course Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara etc. are options but I’m a huge fan of Sai! <3 I just adore that guy! *Fangirling* His smile is just SO ADORABLE! <3 <3 <3

Ahem… so you get the idea. If any awesome ideas pop into that magnificent mind of yours that you’d like to share, then please don’t feel shy. I promise I won’t be judgmental or anything… I don’t bite. Unless you bite me… then I just might bite back as defense. (>.<)

OK I get off topic easily. I’m not the best writer, and I know that. So if you find any mistakes or things that you think I should add then once again… please share! <(-_-)> Please. And thank you. If the cussing or bad language disturbed you… I apologize. I normally don’t cuss in real life. But some personalities or circumstances demanded it within this story. And another thing, some have said that I leave too much up to the reader. SORRY if you think the same thing, I sincerely ask for forgiveness.

Questions? Comments? Answers to questions and comments? Just ask and/or say! You guys are amazing! Thank you! (^_^)

This is Kaya-chan… OUT!

 BONUS Chapter 44- The Arrogant Dead

-Koi’s POV-

“Come on! Hurry up! We need to find Sensei now!” I shout to my comrades.

“Don’t be so confident Koi. We need to be careful on this mission. Besides…” Yuki looks around, “… the forest is creepy this time of day.”

“Don’t be such a weakling! Aren’t you supposed to be a ninja?!” I mumble the word ‘pathetic’ under my breathe hoping no one but me could hear.

“What?!” Kinmaru yells. “You’re too conceited, Koi!”

“Well Yuki’s comment was just stupid!”

“Hey!” We both stop, perched on a branch. “You can’t talk to her like that!”

“Fine! I wasn’t talking to her in the first place, moron!” I lunge at him and his back crashes into the ground, creating a crater. “Why do you always have to act so stupid?!” I scream as I catch a glimpse of Yuki huddled behind a tree calling for Ryuu-Sensei.

“Why do you always have to act like a jerk?!” He yells back and pins me down. “You’re always so cool but never calm or collected. You’re a jerk to everyone, even that Tsuki girl you’re always talking about! She, just like Yuki, don’t have anything against you! Yet you treat them as if that’s the case! What’s your deal? Why do you think that your something special when clearly you’re just like everyone else?!” He breathes heavily and keeps his stare on me. I bite my lip and then narrow my eyes.

“Get off me.” I push him and get up. I can still feel his gaze on me. I keep glaring back at him out of the corner of my eye.

I grit my teeth and am about to say something horrible when Ryuu-Sensei appears in the middle of us. Her bright, gold eyes stare into mine. “What did you do this time?” She asks me.

“Lousy comrade!” I point to Kinmaru.

“Arrogant teammate!” He points to me.

“The nerve!”

“All right, listen up now!” Ryuu closes her eyes and claps her hands. “We’re not even close to our destination and you’re already bickering like a bunch of immature children.” She says in her low, kind voice. “So what’s the problem? Why can’t you two ever get along?” She gives me a sad look and sighs while putting her hands on her hips. “Before we can move, talk to me. Come on, the Hokage will have my head if these thieves get away!” She seems calm, but stubborn as always. Unfortunately for her, we’re also persistent.

“It’s between us, not you Ryuu-Sensei.” I cross my arms and turn my head away. “Sorry, but it’s not your problem.”

She gets down close to my face and studies my expression. “Yes, but as your Sensei I’m responsible for you and your lives. So spill it Koi. Just for today be a little less stubborn and tell me.”

“W-what?! Just me?!”

“No. I’ll talk to Kinmaru afterwards, but you need to tell me so I can help you. Don’t you want to be happy with your team? Or do you just enjoy fighting and pissing your comrades off?” She smirks.

“That’s none of your business, now is it?”

“Like I said before, you’re my responsibility. I am your Sensei, Koi.”

“Y-yea.” Yuki begins. “Please just be our friend. We don’t want to fight.” She’s starting to get on my nerves. “Please, Koi. Before things get worse!” She has a gentle voice and timid tone. But that’s what I hate. Gentle people aren’t meant to be Shinobi. I want to yell, but I don’t feel like getting in trouble with Ryuu-Sensei anymore.

I sigh and get into a stance. “Come on, let’s just leave already.” Then I jump and wait on a branch with my back turned to everyone. “What are you waiting for?” I calmly speak. I keep my teeth gritted, but try not to make it obvious that I’m annoyed. No one moves. “Yuki!” I yell. “Kinmaru!” I look back at them. “Come on already!” They look at each other while Yuki folds her hand together and looks down with her lip trembling. They all nod and are soon at my level, just on different branches.

For some reason, I can’t keep my eyes off of Yuki. There’s something different about her. Seeing her like this reminds me of Kaya. She’s strong, but weak when people gang up against her. Tears fly with her, and I can almost see the braids flailing with the wind and the purple locks that seem to swim with her movements. I’ve admired Kaya as a strong individual… but also as a gifted being. She has a strong will and always makes friends. That’s something I have a hard time with. But seriously, who needs friends when you can have rivals? It’s much more fun to truly compete than have a “friendly” competition. I nod to myself. “Some people don’t know anything.”


“There they are.” Ryuu-Sensei whisper. “Stay quiet.”

“Tsk.” I hate waiting.

“Look… it’s just until we see more illegal movement.” Kinmaru points out.

“What a pain.” I receive a glare from him. “Did I say that out loud?” I glare back at him and we’re suddenly forced into a staring contest. Until Ryuu-Sensei bashes our heads together! We fall straight down onto the edge of the forest and stay there groaning in pain. “What the hell was that for?!”

Yuki and Sensei jump down and run into the battle, yelling behind her. “You ‘children’ weren’t paying attention! You let your guard down allowing the enemy to get farther ahead! That will lead to your own death in the future!” I stare at them blankly. I know she’s right.

“Come one Koi!” Kinmaru yells. “Hurry!”

I nod. “Right.” We follow behind and end up just a few feet away.

“Now that you two are here I want you to jump ahead at the next forest. They aren’t Shinobi, but can certainly hide like Anbu’s. So stay alert! And don’t you two fight or even dare to notice each other! Got it?!” We nod and begin running faster. “This is life or death Koi and Kinmaru! Don’t make me feel shame!”

I grit my teeth along with Kinmaru. I’m determined not to fail… Ryuu-Sensei… I’ll come back. I promise.


Following those cowards halfway through the forest, we jump and then abruptly stop. Kinmaru refuses to make eye contact with me as if what Ryuu-Sensei said should be taken seriously. But if that’s what he wants, then so be it! We wait for them to pass us from below, and they soon do just that. I jump down and crash onto one of them, quickly slicing his throat. Kinmaru goes for the others, and I stand in a stance. I’m ready for those cowards now. No need to sneak around, they already know I’m here.

I keep waiting, watching, listening but so far nothing has even threatened me. I don’t even feel any presence. Did I mess up? What about Kinmaru? He expects me to watch his back. Yuki and Ryuu-Sensei should be close by now. I’m going to go on ahead. “I wouldn’t want that idiot to get himself killed!” I grin, realizing my next move. “This’ll be easy-”

A slight breeze catches my attention, but the blood has already begun to trickle down my chin. “Sorry Kid, but I have my own life to worry about.” A light voice protests. I just stand there, not being able to move. It seems like slow motion when the blade recoils through my flesh as my assassinator pulls the katana back out. A slight poke on the back and I’m falling.

Eyes wide open and scared I shake. “How did this happen?!” I gasp for air. “I won’t be taken down this easily! You’ll see… Kinmaru…” I push myself up and stare at the ground. Shaking but making progress I push myself up into a sitting position. One minute passes and I realize that I need to get going. It takes more effort and mental balance, but I’m on my feet now.

The tress sway against my eyes balance. “Stop… moving!” I demand.

“Don’t be so rude!”

“Oh shut up trees! You don’t… you don’t know a single damn… thing!”

I cough and see sparkling crimson flying out of my mouth onto the bark of a random tree. “I see… and who’s the one spilling blood?”

I glare up at the tree. “You don’t know… anything.” I repeat.

“Ignorant child! You’re just angry because I-”

“Wait… trees… can’t talk. Can they?” The nagging stops and I, for once, am glad that I’m alone.


Bodies lie in my path. All of their throats are slit. It’s a technique that Ryuu-Sensei taught us. I’d notice the perfect, smooth cut anywhere. It’s just like Kinmaru to be Mr. Perfect in every frickin’ thing he does! “Damn this wound.” I grip my blood stained shirt over my stomach and trudge along. “Where is he? Kinmaru?!” My voice is just above a whisper. “Medical ninjas. Never there when you need them!” I’m starting to wonder why Kinmaru ever wished to be one.

Then I think of something. “Why am I alone?” No sounds, no sights, no smells… nothing. Something’s not right here. “How did I not notice this before?!” I yell.

A shrill sound emerges from behind me, and in an attempt to dodge the attack… I end up falling flat on my face. After I groan in piercing pain I raise my kunai above me and just catch the enemy’s own kunai. “Ryuu-Sensei was right.” I think and smile weakly. “They aren’t Shinobi. They’re just criminals who can hide like the cowards they are!”

I strain. So badly do I want to give up, but I wasn’t born to just die. I yell and push my kunai up, up, up! “Go die, you bastard!” I scream. My breathe is slow and interrupted with coughs… filled with spattering blood. I seem to choke on air as it struggles to enter my wavering lungs. I immediately hold myself and jump up with all the strength that I can gather. On my feet I land on a shaky, leafless branch. “Ugh… that hurts so badly!” I whisper to myself. I fall to my knees several times while still trying to regain my posture.

Time passes quickly as my unlucky search for my comrades’ nerves my spirit. My vision blurs, but I keep going while recognizing colors to avoid and go towards. I stop once I just see a mixture of one color. I gasp and fall to my knees. I grip my side and roll over onto my back. The branch sways and the wind wipes over my face and hair. The sun seems to get brighter as if giving me one last wave of its goodbye call. “Bring them… my comrades… to me…” I cringe but feel less pain than before. “Please…” The wind continues to ruffle my black curls while my green eyes slowly lose their light. I hold my pale hands above my head and see them shaking. “Am I… afraid?” I bring them closer to my face. “For the… first… time?” The idea doesn’t strike me as pathetic, instead I see this as an opportunity to learn what Yuki feels. I remember seeing her hiding, her lip trembled, as she brought her hands close to her chin. Whenever Yuki’s around me, she seems to hide or stay away. She must really be terrified of me. That or she just hates me…


I think about these things and suddenly lose my grip and all balance. Never to be restored, for I tumble off my supportive branch and fall. The sensation makes me want to fly, but even though it’s temporary I love the feel of it all. My lips form into a smile. Something I’ve seen Kaya and Aiko do often. “I wish her luck in this crappy Shinobi world we call home.” I breathe out a small sigh. “Stupid world, you’re so cruel to the young.” I remember my Dad saying that when my little sister was killed off by a “simple” fever. I despised everyone after that.

“Can you hear me? No Koi!” I open my eyes after I hear a very small voice calling to me. Unclear, I just hear my name.

“Blurry figure… why are you here?” A pink marking can be seen. “Yuki…” She usually has her clan’s symbol connecting around her face. A red and orange swirl is on her forehead while a line travels down the bridge of her nose and then down the sides of her cheeks… representing a wandering fire. I can see clearly in a few minutes after I close my eyes again. She always carries herbs with her for Kinmaru. He forgets them anyway. Doing this she knows how to use them, and my eyesight is soon revived. She smiles brightly and tears splatter my face.

“You’re awake!” She grabs my hand. “You’re alive!” If I had the strength I’d pull my hand away. She continues to hold my hand up to her cheek, crying. It feels… weird, but at the same time…kind of nice. Someone was crying. Crying over me. And that someone was Yuki.

“Why in the hell is she holding my hand?” I think as her tears slide down my arm. She shakes her head and keeps her eyes tightly shut. I hear her cry out suddenly a few times.

“Kinmaru!” She begs. “Kinmaru, please!” My eyes widen when I see her own eyes. In an instant my world changes for the worse once again. She lets go of my hand and falls forward, right beside me. She gasps for air and grits her teeth. “Kinmaru… save…” She mouths the last word and struggles in the pain she’s in.

“This is too easy.” A muffled voice from above me says. I glance upwards and can see the enemy aiming their weapon down on Yuki… I’m probably next. In my fear I search for my kunai and my fingers brush over it. One second later, he’s dead.

“T-thank… you…” She grits her teeth and more tears flow, “…Koi.”

“I… I didn’t do it... for you.” I glare at her for a split second. “I don’t despise her, I just don’t approve of her. I believe the feeling is mutual.”

“I don’t believe… that.” A quiet smile escapes her lips, and I smirk.

“Believe… whatever you want.” She frowns, but stares at me straight. She slightly nods and looks to her left. I follow her gaze and catch a sound.



I think back at what has happened, and bite my lip when I hear about Ryuu-Sensei. His breathe is uneven, and I can tell he’s almost out of chakra. “… but don’t you worry guys.” He assures. “I’ll fix you all up before anyone knows we left!” He reaches for Yuki, and puts a hand on her forehead. “Fever and paralyzing poison.” He nods and grabs some herbs that Yuki lent him. I close my eyes and sigh. “Come on, come on!” He pats my cheek. “Stay with us.”

“I… was just resting my eyes… moron.”

He cringes. “Don’t insult me when you look this pathetic. Besides, we failed this mission because we can’t work together.” My eyes get wide, and he notices. “This isn’t your fault, and I’m not trying to say that it is. But it’s everyone’s fault for not following Ryuu-Sensei’s wisdom. Ever since we joined up with her we’ve been nothing but a burden.” He grinds the herbs and then pours water onto them. “When you’re all better…” His eyes are drooping and Kinmaru’s chest moves heavily. He’s losing too much, “…we’ll make a vow to work together. Right?”

“Y-yes.” Yuki smiles and then looks at me, nodding. Kinmaru lifts her head up and gives her the medicine. She moves her arms and holds herself up just seconds afterwards. “I can move a little now.”

“Then come on.” He kneels over by me and starts to heal me. “Koi, we’ll all leave together once I get you and Yuki on your feet.” He’s shaking too much to hold his hands steady. I move my arm painfully up and grab his wrist.

“Stop… healing me.” He gasps. Before he asks, I decide to just give it to him straight. I do my best to keep my breathing steady. “I’m not going… to make it. You don’t have enough chakra left… to heal my wounds. And even if you did… you’d end up dying as well. You have just enough for Yuki to…” I cough violently and groan. Rolling over on my side I gasp for air. Blood is flooding my throat. “Heal Yuki, and leave.” My voice is scratchy and uneven now.

“W-what?!” He shouts. “No!”

“Yes.” I correct him.

“We can’t leave you like this!”

“Koi… no. Please…” Yuki weakly objects.

“Just shut up!” I stop to catch my breathe. “Both of you!” I turn my head away and spit out blood, then I turn back to them. Kinmaru tenses up and Yuki starts to cry again. “No… more tears. Leave. Now! Get the hell out… of here!” I can tell their about to protest when I speak up. “Respect my final wishes… and do what I tell you! It’s what… what Ryuu-Sensei would’ve done!”

When I look at them, Kinmaru is shakily healing Yuki who is now holding my bloody hand and desperately crying like her best friend had just died. Once she realizes Kinmaru’s healing her she turns around. “No… Kinmaru… stop it!” She yells and tries to push his trembling hands away. But he doesn’t stop and I nod at him. He nods back with a stern face and holds his emotions and tears in. Yuki just looks at me sadly. Her eyes widen and then fill with tears.

“Yuki cries too much.”

“Koi.” I blink and turn my head to her. I notice that she wants to say something important, but I’m slipping quickly. So I give her a small smile to remember me by. I hope it reassures her, I want to know what it is. Even though it’s not big and bright like Kaya’s I know that she’s just as surprised by it as I am. Her tear streams get thinner and she shares a smile of her own. “I just wanted you to know that…” She keeps on smiling and closes her eyes, “… you’ve always been special to me.” I blink in disbelief. But as my eyes finally focus on her smile I realize that she means it. And I gently squeeze her hand.

Kinmaru must’ve been listening, because his lip is starting to quiver. This is too emotional for that “pushover”. I laugh silently a little and then cringe. “Why is it that I don’t mean those words anymore?”

“No! Koi! Don’t move..!” I stop fidgeting and just continue to lay in the matted, jade grass. Kinmaru gets my attention and as I glance over I see him nod once, then twice, soon closing his eyes towards me before opening them again to look me in the eye. His tired, blue eyes stare into mine. I feel like he’s begging me to try, but that sort of begging can’t heal a wounded comrade.

I break the silence with a small sigh and command. “There… all done. Now go!”

“What..?!” Kinmaru grabs Yuki’s arm and pulls her away. “No! No! Koi! No please! Koi!” She screams as loud as she can. Her hand keeps slipping more and more from mine as she’s being dragged away. “Koi! KOI!” Her voice seems to echo in my ears.

“Don’t feel pity.” I scoff. “I’ll be sure to say ‘hey’ to Ryuu-Sensei and Ai for you two. You do remember Ai, don’t you? She had a fever… and then left my heart cold…” Short breathes, but I just don’t care anymore. I take in the last one and close my eyes. A smile spreads across my lips. “This is going to be so damn awesome…”

Epilogue- The Young Leader

I became 21 fast. A war occurred, and I almost lost my life many times. Sai was there the whole time to see the terror through with me. My father retired from being leader of the Tsuki clan soon afterwards, and that duty was bestowed upon me. He taught me how to settle conflicts, how to supply our clan with their needs, how to throw away unimportant paperwork without others knowing, how to handle dramatic complaints, and overall… how to be a better leader than he was.

Sai promised, long ago, when I was 16 that he would help me. And he has never broken that promise. Every time I wake up, he’s there with me. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago I had agreed to be with him forever. And my promise to him still remains. Our children will never go into the Foundation that he had to go through when he was younger. I see Chiemaru every once and a while, still training to be that strong Anbu he’s always wanted to be at the age of eleven.

How time has passed…” I think. Sai plays with my braids as I continue to fill out important forms. “You’re going to mess me up I hope you know.” I warn with a smirk.

“Well we wouldn’t want that.” He’s become so much better. He knows sarcasm, jokes and the usual relationship act. I can’t seem to fool him anymore.

A tap on my shoulder breaks me away from my work. I scribble my signature and look up. His drawing makes me so happy, he’ll never let me forget that day. Embarrassing to some, maybe. But for me it was a great day. When he proposed to me, after I said yes, he put the ring on my finger and told me how much he had to study. I laughed and then started crying because of how happy I was.

Ever since then there has been peace in my clan. And out of everyone, I have Sai to thank for not only that, but for my life. He protected me even after Danzo’s death. “You know something, Kaya?” Sai wraps his arms around me and lays his head on my shoulder. I poke his cheek with my pencil and ask.


He sighs and closes his eyes. I just longingly stare at his expression until he answers. “I never thought that my life would be this precious to me. I want to live and stay with you forever.”

“I want you to live and stay with me forever, too.” Turning around I get up, feel his arms wrap around me and kiss his cheek. “You kept your promise.” He smiles at me endlessly. “A smile is worth a thousand words…”

A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words
Epilogue! :D

Yes, this WAS short. But fear not... I have a BONUS chapter coming soon for those of you who are wondering about the death of Koi. So stay tuned! :la:

Chapter 43- Konoha’s Hero


“How?! Thank you God!”

Voices all around me scream in delight and surprise.

“You’re alive! Thank goodness!”

“My friend! You survived? How wonderful!”

“What happened?”

“Who cares?

“You live again!”


“Naruto Uzamaki?”

“Where’s that Nine-Tailed-Fox Kid?”

Above me are shards of strange green light filling the sky around Konohagakure. “What’s happening?” I stand on my feet with everyone else in a battle stance. This is starting to creep me out. Around Kaji the light shoots into the bodies of those lost. A thought crosses my mind, but I quickly excuse it. No one can afford to lose their concentration. Not here. Not now. 

“Danika/Morning Star!” I turn around and see many people, just like one man, hugging and crying in the arms of individuals… who are supposed to be dead. “Danika! My daughter, what a relief!”

“Naruto, did you do this?” Though I can’t find a smile, I force one anyway. Many people will notice my new authority. And though I may be acting selfish, I need to be grateful for this strange, but remarkable, turn of events. “Outlandish…” Or at least seem grateful.

“You know, this could mean something for you Kaya.” I gasp, knowing what Sai means and run over to my parents’ bodies. I grit my teeth in desperation. Could it be true? I trip and land right at their feet, dusting my arms off I keep glancing at them. No movement…

The lights get close to them, but miss as they dash to another lifeless Shinobi. I narrow my eyes, despising the end results that are making a scene in my thoughts. But I need to keep reminding myself that no matter what happens, I need to stay strong and move on. I can’t keep relying on fate or destiny. I may not have the power to change all that, but I certainly have the willpower. The Will of Fire… that strong determination to keep going no matter the consequences. It’s been passed down to me ever since I became stronger. “Don’t abandon it now… this is your time.” I reason.

I’m trapped in my thoughts when Mimi calls my name. Chiemaru runs beside her, but I barely take notice. I want to witness this for myself. His young voice pleas for my attention again… I give no reply. “Move… move...” I mutter. “… Come on.” I beg. “Chiemaru shouldn’t see this.” He laughs and jumps as he wobbly runs over to me with Mimi trotting alongside. She must know that something’s wrong because she stops, and grabs Chiemaru’s shoulder. Panting like a sick dog, Mimi sinks to her knees. She tells Chiemaru to wait, and he does. But I can’t ignore the fact that my little brother won’t keep that shiny smile of his once he sees what’s going on.

Tetsuro ran off to find his family, Kaji continues to hang around with Kampo and Washimaru treating the wounded and resurrected Shinobi and villagers, Sai’s nowhere to be found and I’m… waiting. The green light gets brighter and brighter as it gets closer, then fades away as it flies past… obediently giving life to another. I close my eyes and fall to my knees. I collapse over and hold myself up. I scrunch my fingers, leaving grooves in the dirt.

A soft hand touches my cheek, and my first reaction is to slap it away in fear. But when I open my eyes, my fears crumple away into nothing, being overtaken by instantaneous relief. “Daddy.” I whisper as the light fades. His hand reaches down and uncovers his face. The blue, blood smeared blanket slides down his cheek to reveal his face to me. Full of color and his usual kind eyes I suddenly feel filled half way again instead of empty. “Mom…” My lips speak as soon as I see the same question she had. I shift and back up a little to reveal her.

When he sees her, a blinding light fills the area around us, just like with the other Shinobi. “Just in time…” her blue eyes then expose themselves to the world. I wrap my arms around her and can’t help but keep crying. Dad’s warmth presses against my back as he embraces me.

Tiny footsteps can be heard now along with dragging steps. Chiemaru and Mimi must’ve made it by now. I glance up and smile at both of them. Mimi gives me a proud, relieved smile. Maybe she thinks I was the one who brought them back, while Chiemaru doesn’t even know they were dead. I tap Dad’s shoulder and hand him our clan leader flap. He sighs and takes it, wrapping it around his headband to cover his eye. My wet, purple hair sticks to my face, but I could care less. “He did it.” My voice cracks. “Naruto did it!”

I stand with the crowd at the edge of the forest and cheer with them as Naruto emerges riding on Kakashi-Sensei’s back. I nod towards him and clap my hands together. My wounds don’t seem to bother me anymore, and I confirm that when Sai places his hand on the side of my head and makes me lay my head on his shoulder. Naruto gets off of Kakashi-Sensei’s back and looks confused as children run to him. Chiemaru’s among them until Mom pulls him back, and lets him go when Dad assures her that it’s safe. Smiling, I see trust building up on her face.

I grimace when Sakura punches him for being so reckless, and then hugs him. She definitely has a different way of showing her gratitude. I laugh and raise my hands with the crowd as they throw Naruto in the air and catch him once again. “He saved us, he saved everyone.” I think to myself as I watch Chiemaru laugh on Dad’s shoulders. He pokes his head saying that he wants to go over there and help. He just smiles at everyone and puts his arm around me.

Minutes pass, and peace still revolves around my mind. And happiness continues to soak into my heart now that my family lives and my love remains. I turn to Sai again as my blue eyes connect with his black ones. Suddenly I notice his gorgeous smile appearing and catch it. We smile as I hurry to press my lips up against his. His hand runs down my cheek, chin and neck. Then we release.

As Sai and I watch Naruto’s face, I can’t help it. So I grin just like Sai, knowing that destiny was trying to test my strength. That or things will always work out in my favor… just like they do for Naruto.

Chapter 42- The Promise of Peace

“Where did he go?” My eyes scan the area, but so far… no luck.

“I believe he ran off to find the real Pain.”

“But he was about a mile away a few minutes ago fighting Pai-” I stop and realize what Sai said. “Huh?” Now I’m confused. “The real Pain?”

Sai nods. I can’t speak, because quite frankly I don’t even know what to say. So I look away. “What do you see?”

“Nothing.” I smile at him. “Thank you, Sai. You’re one of a kind.”

“Thank you.” He returns the smile.

“Will everything be OK?” I wonder.

When I look back at him, he has a somewhat unsure expression upon him. I wait for an answer, we’re in no hurry. Finally he says, “Yes.”

“Good to hear.” I lower my gaze and head. Then I turn and hug Sai. He quickly embraces me, and this time I look up and lean in closer. I smile as a warm sensation embraces me when our lips connect… he holds me tighter around the waist and I wrap my arms around his neck. “What a great feeling this is…” My hand messes up the back of his hair while he brings me as close as possible.

When I pull away his eyes get really wide. “Kaya, what does this mean?”

I blush. “Oh… um…” I know what it means, but I’m embarrassed to say. “It means… we’re partners now.” That’s the best word I could come up with..? “What will he say to that?”

“I thought we already were.” This makes me laugh, for the first time in a while.

“Then it’s official.”

His face gets red and he mumbles. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Follow your feelings, and don’t worry. I’ll help you if you help me.” By his expression I can tell he agrees.

Time passes, Tetsuro and Kaji find out, we place Mom next to Dad and cover her face as well, we all pay our respects, we wait, Kaji helps when more wounded arrive, I clean Dad’s naginata sword and then wrap it in a red cloth while placing it beside him. I touch his heart and then touch mine. “Mom, Dad… thank you. I love you.”

“Thank you Kokoro-Sensei, Mizu-Sensei.” I turn around and see Tetsuro and Kaji bowing towards them.

“Tsk.” Tetsuro says after a while of sitting. “It still hurts.”

“What does?” I joke. “Your ego?”

“It is true, my ego remains bruised, but it’ll heal.” He closes his eyes in irritation. “You just worry about you relationship with Sai.”

“Why worry? He’s a great guy!” I explain. “Sure he’s new to the whole “emotions thing”, but he’s learning. And I wouldn’t want him any other way, Mr. Minaka!”

“All right, all right. I’m sorry. There… happy?”

“Why would I be happy? Sorry won’t save this village.”

“If only, huh?” He sighs. “By the way, what happened to all your sketchbooks?”

“Most likely buried under all of the rubble just like everything else.”

“Duly noted. What about Ketsueki? Or Torayasha?”

“I’ll manage somehow. I might be able to dig them out without ripping them to shreds.” I murmur. “Though it would be great to be able to find some of my old sketchbooks. I have a few medics somewhere.”

“And you just had to escape with your lives instead?” I’m about to yell at him when I see him struggling to smile. He’s in agony, but still trying to keep it lively.

So I make up a horrible comeback. “Duh.” He gives me a questioning look out of the corner of his eyes. But I ignore it and once again bring my knees up to my chin and wrap my hands around my feet. They hurt from all the stones. I pick at the bandages, and sigh for what felt like the twentieth time today.

“How did you survive, Kaya?” He scoots closer and looks me in the eye.

“I’m not sure. When I left Hokage Mountain a massive voice filled the air. And before I knew it I was being thrown straight up into the air.” I remember. “What about you?”

“Overprotective Father.” He bluntly states. “I haven’t seen him since. But Kaji, when he found me, told me that he and my two siblings were in critical condition somewhere safe.” He leans back and gently lays down while crossing his legs. “For my sake, I hope they’re still alive.” I know exactly what he means. His family dying would tear him apart, he’d be an orphan… like Kaji and myself. Three orphans, one team. But who knows if he’s lucky enough. “Luck seemed to betray a lot of us today.” He says like he’s reading my mind.

“Looks like we’re too far gone.”


“I wish I could promise you peace, but I guess that I’ll have to leave that to someone else.” I say still wondering if peace is actually possible.

I don't know if any of you read Kanji, but a very good friend of mine does... :iconsorrowful-blossom94: She reads Kanji VERY well! :D And recently she corrected my OC's arm tattoo. Kaya Tsuki has her name tattooed on her left arm. But it turns out that wasn't her name in Kanji... the tattoo read "Kaya No"... :blush: OOPS! We texted each other and she came up with the REAL Kanji characters for Kaya Tsuki. The art is now updated and improved! Thank you SO much Blossom-chan! You're awesome! :squee:
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