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Chapter 40- Facing Loss

-Kaya’s POV-

“S-Sai?” My emotions melt. “Why?” I focus on him and him only. “He never… I never… we never… thought…” I blink and relax. My face burns and my hand twitches. I curl them up into nervous fists. When he pulls away we both blush profusely.

My world fades away until it’s unobtainable once again. Then I lose all consciousness. When I open my eyes, Sai’s looking down at me while Kampo runs over. Washimaru looks our way and then turns back around, now tending to another Shinobi. “I’m off.” Sai says like we didn’t just kiss.

I wait for ten minutes, still watching Kampo blush and giggle whenever I smile. “So why did that happen?” She asks sighing.

“I- I don’t know.”

“Does he know your family?”

“Sort of, we went on a mission together not too long ago. Well he followed me until it was too late to turn back.”

“Sounds romantic!” She shakes her head left to right and holds her hands together. A loud crash is heard towards where Naruto is and I frown. “I can’t believe I almost forgot what was going on here.”

“Yea, same here.”

“Do you think your parents are OK?” Kampo smiles encouragingly.

“I don’t know. My dad’s very important in my clan, so I think he’s OK. Mom? She’s also my Sensei so I’m not too sure either.”

“Why is your father so important?” She gasps. “Wait… what did you say your parents’ names were?”

“Mizu and Kokoro Tsuki.” She bites her lip and replaces the cloth on my forehead.

“A-and your name?” I’m confused as to why she’s asking with caution.

“Kaya. Kaya Tsuki.” She stops immediately as if time has indeed froze right in front of me.

“K-Kampo?” I ask nervously. “Are you all right?”

“Yes…” She whispers “… oh my gosh!” She suddenly screams. “You’re the daughter of the Tsuki-shi leader?!” I slightly nod, still being just a little surprised.

“I am his daughter, but…” My voice trails off, “… I want to remain that way.” I look Kampo straight in the eye. “Don’t you understand? I need to go find them!”

She smiles. “Well, princess. Far be it from me to order you around.”

“Great… another person calling me ‘princess’ or acting like I’m royalty.” I roll my eyes. “Please don’t be so formal towards me.”

Kampo blushes again. “All right, if that’s what you wish.”

I sigh. “Just stay here, I’ll be back.” Shakily but affectively I try to run. Trips, stumbles, and falls are what I get for my efforts. My bare, but bandaged, foot is starting to irritate me now. I step on stones and cringe. I run into trees and hug them for balance. I see death and shed a few tears for the victims.

I search for Sai, Mom and Dad. No sign of any of them. I gasp for air and sit down on the hard rubble, taking in Naruto’s ongoing fight. But what I see brings back the horror of cruel reality. He’s pinned to the ground with rods that stick into the ground through his body. His hands, shoulders, back and legs are all restrained with those rods. And standing in front of him is Hinata Hyuga. “Hinata.” I whisper. He’s yelling at her, probably for her own sake. She replies and her expression softens. I catch a few other things and watch her own battle with Pain unfold.

Hinata twirls around and kicks a couple rods, breaking them in half. Pain shamefully blows her away, and I want to scream. She continuously tries to free Naruto, but ends up getting beat bloody. When she’s on the ground, unable to move. I turn away and hear my own heart cry out.

A loud blast takes place afterwards, revealing a huge and powerful wind. Grabbing onto the wreckage I strain to not get blown away with the other debris. When it’s over I see Naruto in the scariest form he’s capable of. As the wind almost blows everyone away I whisper, “The Nine-Tailed Fox…” My eyes widen and my hands tremble. “No… please Naruto.”

I decide to keep going, time’s running out. A few yards away I spot someone lying dead. “Should I go over there?” My mind balances the possible consequences. “I’ll just pass by.” But when I get closer I realize that I know that person… that man. I gasp and breakdown. “Daddy!” I scream. “No!” He must’ve been blown away or purposely thrown, because his naginata sword pierced him all the way through his chest. “This isn’t real.” I refuse. “M-Mom?!” I look around and stand up. “Sai?! Mom?!” I start to hyperventilate, and fall to my knees. “Help.”

How long has time passed since I first saw him? Lying dead, helpless, gone. “Dearly departed…” I think as I continue to lay on his chest, wanting to feel his heartbeat or his breathing. “I’m not ready. I can’t take over. Mom will need help, and I don’t have the experience to do so.” I’m having trouble breathing in between cries. “Didn’t you know that you could die? What were you thinking when you stared death in the face? Was I on your mind? Chiemaru? Mom? Mimi? Maybe Aiko?”

I feel a hand on my shoulder and quickly yank out my katana, turn around and narrow my eyes. “Kaji?” He gives me a sad look while I notice Tetsuro. Kaji holds Tetsuro up and I immediately know what happened. “Mom…”

“Kokoro-Sensei tried.” He explained.

“She went for the team.” My first reaction was much bed rest, but the message in Kaji’s eyes was too loud for someone like me to ignore.

Kaji then places Tetsuro down and stands over my father’s body. He slightly bows his head, places his hands together and closes his eyes. “Don’t do that!” I shout.

He’s surprised by my sudden outburst and gives me a scared look. I grit my teeth at him and feel myself shaking. I’m about to take a swing at him when someone grabs my ankle. “Daddy?” I whisper when I look down.

“Kaya, stop.” Tetsuro demands. “It won’t change anything.”

“I’m about to break.” I whisper low enough for some to hear.

“I know.” Kaji replies. “I’m sorry, but you’re not the only one.” I look at him and don’t see the laid back, lazy, careless Kaji anymore. Now I see a strong, reliable, Shinobi with no family. I can tell by his face that his dog was killed. Kaji’s an orphan. And his dog, Tomodachi/Friend, was his only family member. “Tomodachi wasn’t our only loss.” He looks at Tetsuro, who is now lying unconscious on the ground. “His whole family is lying somewhere in critical condition. His little sister, little brother and Dad were all severely hurt.”

“This has to stop.” I can’t help but keep staring at my father’s corpse. When I turn around to face him I reach down and pull his naginata sword out of his chest. Kaji gasps and bites his lip. “Don’t cry.” I command. “Where did you see Mom?” He points behind him.

“About thirty yards. Not… not too far.”

“Thank you.” I say before I start running.

“What’re you going to do Kaya?” I don’t stop. “Kaya?! Kaya!” His voice drowns out, and I know he can’t follow me.

“I’m sorry Kaji, but I need you to stay strong for the time being. I can’t be there for you… stay strong.”

Luffy x Kaya Tsuki (One Piece OC) by SlyJakRatchetGamer
Luffy x Kaya Tsuki (One Piece OC)
And her match is revealed! Panda Emoji-25 (Fufufufu) [V2]  Don't hurt me fans and lovers of Luffy. Luffy - hai It's all good!

How this was decided will NOT be revealed for my own protection once again. But... this took me a long time! My inspiration, which is a real person, made a bet with me. Saying that if I did this, then I'd have the privilege of drawing their OC with THEIR match. I feel like I need permission for that... Yuuta Togashi (Shy Blush) [V1] Mission complete! Now if only I could post the result on DA. We'll have to see! Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1]  Once again I have rights of my own! Spare my life please and enjoy! I tried really hard on this and, despite what some people have said to me, I am proud as a lion! Thank you! I hope you like it, too. Monkey D. Luffy (Smile) [V2] 

Chapter 39- Coming in for the Kill…

I scream in pain now. I see splattering blood shooting out of my chest. My eyes grow wide as I realize that stinging pain. I cry out again as if it’ll heal my wounds. The force of the fall begins to pick up and for a second as I stop midair. Then gravity yanks me down. Faster and faster, head first, I descend.  I look up at the sky, trying to pull myself up into a better position, perhaps feet first. My eyes block the wind by squinting and my hair flares around me, slowly unwinding my braids with its vigorous force.

I was up rather high, but now I’m weak and feel light headed. I turn just a little and can see that the whole village is gone. “No.” I try to stop myself from hitting the ground hard when it gets close. But I can’t even brace myself. Not now… “What’s going to happen to me?” I think. “Just another dead Shinobi..?” I’m content for a moment. “At least Sai’s gone, won’t he be surprised though when he returns… I wonder what they’ll find.” I blink. “Will I even be recognizable anymore?”

I jerk my arm and cover my chest with my hand, it still hurts, and the blood drips through the air. Wails and cries can be heard from below me, and I get a full view of what’s left. Now I see many Pains... “No wait. There are six of them!” Though… I see one lying dead. “So there are seven Pains?!”

I don’t want to die! I can’t die… I just can’t! “I won’t accept this. Not anymore.” I flip over in the air and reach out high into the sky. With one hand I reach up and with the other, make a hand sign. Two fingers in the front of my face. “Tsuki Hoshi Himei!” Maybe this’ll work. I throw the glow up into the air and attach a shuriken to it. Then I wait until it explodes. When it does I’m yanked up at high speeds and thrown higher. I turn my body and swerve left while still grabbing onto the string. I need to keep going until I get close to Hokage Mountain. I might be able to land somewhere on the cliff…

… Too late… the string snaps and the shuriken is racing back towards me. I kick my foot up and cringe as it slices through my sandal. The shuriken plummets into the bottom of my foot, not intending to leave. I once again foolishly fall as blood drips off my lip like tears. My chest wounds aren’t going to heal anytime soon. Now I'm thinking that I may have to dig the shuriken out if I’m going to try landing on my feet.

“Kaya!” In one instant I feel a smaller force wrap around me and envelop me in soothing warmth. I open my eyes and feel someone’s grip tighten. Looking up I see my favorite person. “Sai…” Though he’s busy trying to save our lives he notices me and smiles. “That one was real.” We keep falling head first until I find us safely on the ground atop all the rubble of the village. He gently lays me down.

“I’m back.” I smile at his words. “The village.”

“Yes… Pain.” He blankly stares at me. “Akastuki.” I see his face in shock. Now he knows what I mean.

“Where’s Lord Danzo?” I shake my head slightly while my eyes droop. Looking around, he gives a sigh and places a smile on his lips after seeing me.

“We’ve got a live one over here!” I see two medical ninjas standing over me. Sai backs away and I do my best to sit up. “Start checking for eternal damage, Kampo.” She nods. And puts a wet cloth over my head right on the border of my damaged village. She takes off my bandages and ties a blanket around my chest. In a few minutes I’m already feeling better. Sai’s sitting beside me now, watching my every move.

I try to relax when suddenly I hear someone who I know scream, “Naruto!”

“Sakura?” I whisper. I look to the center of the battlefield and see a huge cloud of smoke overwhelm the place. A huge pack of toads of all shapes and sizes appear and right on the head of the biggest toad is my best friend. “Big Brother Naruto…” I whisper. “You came back.”

He looks shocked and converses with the smaller toads next to him. I try to read his expressions, and I get one right. “Yes, Naruto.” I keep on murmuring. “This is the Leaf Village.” I breathe heavily.

A twinge of agony hits my ankle, and I almost black out. “Sorry Miss Tsuki. My fault.”

“You’re fine.” I look back at Naruto. “Thank you.” She giggles a little bit, and it makes me think that she’s never been thanked before. Especially not in times of war. “Kampo, was it?”

“Y-yes.” She leans down beside me and starts wiping my forehead.

“Have you seen my parents?”


“Mizu and Kokoro Tsuki…”

Kampo shakes her head, bites her lip and avoids eye contact. She hates answering questions that she has no idea about. “M-maybe you should ask Washimaru over there.” She points.

“I need to find them Kampo…” I say a little louder. She’s trying to change the subject again.

“W-well… Miss Tsuki… right now you need to rest and not move t-too much..?” She asks more than recommends.

“Please Kaya, I’ll look for them. Stay here and rest.” Sai begins to walk off but I grab his ankle. When I start getting up he quickly jumps onto me, grabs my wrists and pins me down. “Stay here.” His eyes stare into mine. I’m more mad than embarrassed.

“No!” I glimpse over to where Naruto is and see him fighting the Pains’ all by himself. “Big Brother… Mom… Dad…” I struggle but he keeps a tight hold. “Please… I need to find my parents or help Naruto!”

“None of that concerns you right now.” Sai leans down until he’s super close to my lips. “Please. Just stay here and don’t move.” My heartbeat races and I can feel his grip loosen. I’m tempted by his looks, strength and admiration right now. How did I ever land him as my friend?

Then I unwillingly start crying. I make no sounds, but tears stream down my face. He looks surprised and I close my eyes and turn away to make him stop looking at me. He should never see me cry…

-Sai’s POV-

“What do I do?” I stay still. “Why is she crying? Why is she refusing to look at me?” I let go of her hands and she limply lays there. “Think… what did chapter 20 say about this?” I ponder. “When a woman starts crying, she is either scared or mad. Comfort, as explained in the earlier chapters, is a need for humans, especially woman.” I think I understand now. “Right.” When I bend down and hold her in my arms she presses her face into my chest and cries. I sigh, not knowing what to do next. “I hate seeing her cry… the book said it’s probably my fault anyway.” I stop and gasp. “But the book also had a solution to make a girl stop crying.”

I pull her in front of me and make her look at me. “I’m sorry.” I then put my hand on her cheek and bring her closer. Her eyes get wide and her face burns red. I pull her closer and our lips connect. “I wonder if she forgives me now.”

Chapter 38- Within that Pain

-Kaya’s POV-

“I don’t feel right about this mission Lady Tsunade.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well what if something happens when I’m not here. I need to protect my clan, and-”

“Your father is the leader of the Tsuki Clan at the moment, not you.” She closes her eyes, sighs and then opens them once more. “This isn’t like you. You’ve never been the type to worry. If anything you were always the exact opposite.” I just turn my glance to the left and shrug my shoulders. “All right then. You may decline, I’m not forcing you. I actually chose you for this mission because of your stress level and how it’s building up."

“Thank you, but I decline.” Her eyes grow slightly and then return to normal as if she was shocked by my words.

“Is that your final decision?” I don’t hesitate to immediately nod.

Walking home is lonely. Sai was sent on another mission, so now I don’t doubt that someone else is staying on my track. Probably someone even stealthier. Though he should be back soon, hopefully today.

My mind wanders to Naruto. Why did he go without telling me? “Big Brother Naruto…” I smile slightly. I’ve never called him that before. Maybe I should start… I think he’d like th-

My thoughts are interrupted by a massive, deep vibration. Earthquakes? Multiple earthquakes? Now I’m running at full speed back to my clan. People are screaming and going at the same speed as myself. “Dad!” I scream. “Mom! Chiemaru! Mimi!” I continue.

“Kaya!” Dad runs out with everyone else who I yelled for behind him. We’re frantic. Everyone. “You were right!” Unfortunately I was, and I regret that completely. I glance behind me and look outside. Children of all ages and with some parents are rushing their kids away, probably towards their safe place. “What’s going on?!” Dad yells to one of the mothers.

“Woman and children are to report to Hokage Mountain for sanctuary!”

“Kaya… look at me.” He grabs me by my shoulders and makes me look at him. Before he speaks, I see his eyes. Shining and scared, but the fear is for the people reflecting. “Take Chiemaru and Mimi to Hokage Mountain now, and stay there!” Without another word Mom and Dad both rush off with Mimi standing right behind us in panic.

I put Chiemaru on my back and help Mimi run. We dodge explosions and jump over rubble. When I see a strange man with a black robe designed with red clouds my mind jumps and my stomach churns. “Akastuki member Pain!” I gasp. “But why?!” I think as he disappears behind a burning building. Correction. Falling, burning building! I grab Mimi’s hand and immediately use all my strength to throw her ahead of me. She grips my hand tight and doesn’t let go. About an inch or two away from my foot lies the building, still being engulfed by lethal flames. I grit my teeth and hear Chiemaru whimper like a scared, little puppy. It’s only natural though. He is a six-year-old little kid, after all.

“Kaya… Darling.” I slow down and help Mimi as she falls to her knees, gasping and trying to catch her breathe. “I don’t know if I can make it all the way to Hokage Mountain.”

“You’re going.” I bluntly state. “We’ll help you.” Chiemaru climbs off my back and holds onto Mimi’s other hand. “Once you catch your breath, we’ll go straight to Hokage Mountain.” She nods slowly.

One minute passes and we’re now running, but just a little slower than before. Our faces all reflect different emotions. Chiemaru shows an innocent, unaware smile. Mimi bears fatigue and concern. But my face is obvious as it boils my blood. I’m determined and in complete rage. “Why are they here? What are they looking for?!” I catch another Pain above me and scowl. He looks down at me with his Rinnegan eyes. “There he is again! That’s him!”

I lose my focus and end up tripping over my own fast feet. I crash to the ground but my eyes never stray away from him. He has me locked in, trapped, snared within his gaze. I feel wind and can tell he’s getting farther away. That’s when I snap out of it and realize that I’m running at an incredible speed. Mimi can barely keep up while Chiemaru has grabbed onto Mimi’s hand like a hook. I grip her hand tighter, and can tell she’s worried about me. An assuring smile escapes my lips just as we enter the barracks of Hokage Mountain.

Single file… no pushing… no shoving… and in we go. “Kaya?” A Tsuki mother.

“Hey.” I gently speak.

“What’s going on Kaya?” She’s shaking. “Why are we here? What’s happening?!” Fear seems to emanate from her. And I soften my expression.

“I don’t know.” I picture Pain looking at me again, with those hypnotizing eyes. “Probably nothing too serious. Just stay here with Mei and Kiri for the time being… just in case.” I point to her daughter and newborn infant. She’s weak and I can tell she still hasn’t recovered from giving birth to Kiri. “Can you do that for me?” When I see her nod, I instantly regret fooling her with my words. This is serious. I do know what’s happening. But one thing is for sure… I don’t know why.

I have a little talk with Chiemaru and Mimi and after five more minutes, despite their begging, I’m leaving and heading out to the battlefield to face this threat. “I’m sorry… but I have no excuses.”

As soon as I step outside I hear a booming voice followed by a huge force. “Almighty Push!” I scream. And tense up when I’m jerked up into the air like a helpless, little doll. I glance down and I see the whole village being flattened until only the dirt from underneath remains.

Chapter 37- Sensing Danger

-Kaya’s POV-

“What?! Naruto’s gone?!” I yell. “B-but, Lady Tsunade… where’d he go off to?”

“Mount Fujijaku… he went there to train in the ways of the toad sage. He wished to follow in Jiraiya’s footsteps.”

“I see…”

“Something troubling you?”

I stare off into the distance, something doesn’t feel right. “I feel… strange. A bad feeling is covering me.” Lady Tsunade narrows her eyes at me as I look back at her, it’s almost as if she seems to be sensing it too. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me just yet. Danzo is getting impatient. I won’t be able to keep him out of your clan for much longer.”

“I realize that.” I shift in my stance. “What is this?”

“Stop fidgeting and tell me already.”

I take a few seconds to respond. “It sort of like… intuition.”


“Well… like whenever you’re about to go on an important mission, but your alert. Just waiting for someone to come at you from out of nowhere.” She raises en eyebrow. “It’s hard to explain.” I realize that I’m still shifting, and suddenly stop. “I’m not the only one.”

“I see that, Kaya.”

“It gives me the shivers.” I use my hands to explain even further. “Like a moonless night. Or a strange noise. Though one could simply explain it as being spooked by a tap on the shoulder when you thought you were alone.” I shudder, just thinking about those things makes me tremble. “C-can I go now?”


“Great. Thanks for the answer Lady Tsunade.” I’ve learned to just stay silent, too. She’ll eventually reply.

“You may. But keep a watchful eye.” I nod, bow and walk out of the building with the same feeling still looming over me.

-Sai’s POV-

I’m starting to get quite used to this job. Spying on her isn’t exactly hard anymore, since I can see her all day. But I can’t keep reporting everything that she does to Lord Danzo. I told her that. She knows. Though I wonder what she’ll do about it. But I hope she never asks me things about Lord Danzo.

I remember explaining that a few days ago. “Sai… why do you follow Danzo’s orders?”

“Because I have to.”

“Your ‘oath’, right?”

“No. It’s more life threatening than that.”

“How so?” She cocked her head to the side.

I pointed to my mouth. “Because of this seal, placed on my tongue. If I say anything that could lead to Lord Danzo’s demise, then it will kill me. I swore on it when I became an Anbu.” Time shakes and I am brought back into the present. I just hope both sides can work things out.

-Kaya’s POV-

I may be going insane. The tree… I instantly sit beside it and yank out my sketchbook. I shade some drawings, try to get creative and unfortunately keep shaking. “Damn it…” I whisper. “This is getting unbearable.” I rub my arms trying to stop shaking. “When Sai showed me his ‘curse’ placed on his tongue, I froze. It scared me… the power of Danzo seemed to grow as soon as I layed eyes on it. Every Anbu bears the same thing.” I sigh dramatically. “Divine Ally Jutsu.” I mumble. “Ketsueki.”

“Where’s the danger?!” She jumps in her stance from left to right, her eyes moving everywhere. “Tatsujin?”

“There’s danger coming. You probably can’t feel it, but I can. Almost everyone who I know can sense it. I’m scared, Ketsueki.” My eyes meet hers, and I can tell she’s worried. Despite my brave face… I’m shaking from the feeling and fear which I hold deep within. A bolt of nervousness strikes me and I almost choke.

“Tatsujin!” Ketsueki cries. “W-what’s wrong?!”

“Something terrible…” My eyes stare wide open as I shakily turn my head and look at Ketsueki, “… something terrible is… is coming.”

-Chiemaru’s/Little Brother’s POV-

“Mommy?” I’m so sleepy. “Mommy?”

“Chiemaru. Honey, what are you still doing up?”

“My tummy feels rumbly.”

“What do you mean?” I sit in her lap. “Are you sick?” I feel her warm hand touch my head. “I don’t feel anything. No fever…”

“I‘m not sick.”

“Then what is it Chiemaru?”

“I think Sissy’s right.”

“About what?” Mommy looks at me.

“About her feeling…”


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